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Tifo accounts are free and easy to create. To join a supporters club or start your own, just sign up. Tifo only requires a name, email address and password.
Not ready to sign up, yet? Casual users still have the option to find clubs, view their upcoming events, and meetup with them to watch a game. Read on.


Find Supporters Clubs

Whether you are interested in joining a supporters club or just want to  watch a game with fellow fans while out of town, Tifo makes it easy to find clubs.

As a club administrator, once you setup your supporters club in Tifo, people will easily be able to find you.


Supporters Club Info
Each supporters club can upload a badge, select the sport and club it supports, add photos and a description, mention member benefits, and display upcoming events. Viewers can then choose to join the club, begin attending events, join discussions, and share photos.


Supporters Club Events
Scheduling events such as home game festivities, away game watch parties, or club events require just a few steps. With Tifo, you can define your default home and away game settings and then schedule events for every game of the season in one simple step.


Event Details
Fans interested in your event have access to all the event details and club members are be able to RSVP their attendance for planning purposes. Additionally, club members that "follow" other members will be able to see if they will be joining in the upcoming event.



Supporters clubs are a community and as such Tifo makes it easy for members to find each other and for club administrators to keep track of memberships.



We love talking sports! Want to discuss the upcoming rivalry game with your fellow club members or about the latest team addition who will score 20 this season?  Tifo has a dedicated chat space for each supporters club.  Chat channels help organize group discussions and direct messages keep things private.


If you love sharing and viewing photos, Tifo helps your club keep your media organized by events and dates.


More to Come

We are continuously working to improve Tifo, and we have many ideas and a huge backlog of features we want to add. Your input is essential to help us improve and prioritize our effort. If you have a question, an idea, or general feedback, we would love to hear from you.