Frequently Asked Questions



What is Tifo?

Tifo is a mobile and web application focused on sports supporters’ club activities to enhance communication, events, and camaraderie.

On which mobile operating systems will Tifo function?

The mobile app runs on both Android and iOS.

In which countries does Tifo function?

Tifo is released in all countries, but our focus is currently in the United States and Canada.

Can anyone use Tifo?

We welcome all sports fans who are 12 or older.

Are there any data privacy advantages compared to social media or other platforms?

The legalese is here: , but in short:

  • We do not collect any personal information on you that you do not explicitly give us through forms that you input (like the sign-up form, personal images you upload, events that you stated that you would attend, etc.). This information is strictly collected to make the app usable. For example, your email address is used to verify your account and to assist you in the event that you lost your password.
  • Geolocation information is only used for finding supporters’ clubs near you.
  • Your device ID is only used for sending push notifications.
  • Behind the scenes, we collect information regarding how you use the app for two purposes:
    1. We occasionally review how people use our platform in order to make improvements (ex. why are users dropping off on a particular screen?)
    2. We analyze potential issues and crashes of the app (ex. what did the user do when the app crashed?).
  • Finally, we do not sell any information to third-parties.


What does Tifo cost?

All the features of Tifo are free to use. However, some supporters’ clubs may require that you pay a membership fee to join. Currently, this should be paid directly to the supporters’ club.

Some supporters clubs require a membership fee, can I pay those dues through Tifo?

This is an upcoming feature that we plan to introduce soon.

Is there a limit to how many supporters’ clubs I can join.

No. We invite you to join as many supporter clubs as you like.


My favorite team and sports league is not available. Can Tifo add it?

Tifo will be happy to add as many leagues as there is interest. Please contact us to let us know if we are missing your league.

What does Tifo cost?

In the current release of the application, all features are free. Our plan is to have these features remain free in perpetuity. However, we do charge a small transaction fee for purchases made through Tifo.

My club requires a membership fee, can I collect that through Tifo?

This is an upcoming feature that we plan to introduce soon.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can join a particular supporters club?

No. You can have a very small supporters’ club or an enormous one.

Can I request a new feature to be added to Tifo?

Yes, we are very happy to hear from you. Please click on the Contact link to send us your feedback. We will read through all submissions and reply promptly to anyone who requests a response.