Club Management Features


Event Creation and Scheduling

Create events based on game schedules

Many league schedules are included in Tifo, so we offer the ability for you to preload events such as watch parties according to your favorite team’s schedule. Later, you can alter any of the events to change that information if a gathering is moved, canceled, etc.

Define home and away meetup information

You can choose if/when/how to meet based on your team’s home and away game schedule. For example, you may want to have watch parties for away games and stadium gatherings for home games. You can always edit this information at any time to ensure it’s accurate for your supporters club members.

Auto generate map links

Tifo automatically generates map links for all events to make sure everyone knows where to go for a given gathering. If you change an address, the link will immediately update.

Create individual events

Events don’t have to match up to team game schedules. You can create events for any reason, not just centered around games. You can name the event, give it a start time, provide a location, describe the event, gather attendee information, and more. As always, you can edit or delete created events.

Add, edit, and delete events

If it’s not clear already, we’ll say it here. You can add events any time, for any reason. Then you can edit those events or delete them if you no longer want them in your Tifo account.

View attendance information

Your supporters club members can choose their attendance options within the mobile app. They can select Yes, Maybe or No under the “I Am Attending” section of a given event. If they choose Yes or Maybe, they have the option to add one or more guests. All of the combined numbers are provided to managers.

Share events

We understand that you may want to share your events with an audience outside the Tifo app, so we have included the ability to send out basic event information through other platforms such as Twitter.


Gear Sales

Set up your store

Like most stores, you’ll be able to use a browser-based web interface to create a store. Then you can organize what you want to sell by categories and add products to them. You can choose size, cost, and other variants.

Set up payments

Tifo uses Stripe to handle all payments made to your supporters club, so you’ll need to have a Stripe account which connects to a bank account. It’s a fairly easy process, and we’re happy to provide assistance if you need it.

Easy management from desktops and laptops

We know managing a store can be troublesome on a phone, so Tifo has a browser-based website that works on desktops and laptops so you can see more information in one place, add/edit/delete products, see sales stats, and so on. It also works on phones via a responsive layout.


Member Management

Approval for members

As the supporters club manager, you can decide if anyone can join your club or if you want to require approval first. If you require approval, potential members may attemt to join, but they will be in a hold account until you approve or reject them.

Define admin roles

You may not want to do all the work yourself, so Tifo allows you to select the members of your choosing to become admins for your supporters club. That way, they can help with admin-based responsibilities.

Remove members

There may come a time when you need to remove a member for whatever reason, and Tifo makes it very easy to do so.

View membership expirations

Tifo provides a way for you to see member expirations based on each person’s join date.

Follow or unfollow

You can follow any member in your supporters club and unfollow them as well.

Open direct chat

Within the member section, you can select any member, slide left, and select Chat to open a direct chat with that person.


Push Notifications

Notifications for events

Each time an event is created, altered or deleted, your club’s members get a push notification in the Tifo app.

Notifications for games

Each time a game is added or removed, your club’s members get a push notification in the Tifo app.

Notifications for potential memberships

Club managers are notified in the Tifo app when potential members try to join. The managers can then choose to accept the new member or deny membership.

Create notifications

Club managers can create ad-hoc notifications for any reason, which will be sent to all members.

Chat notifications

In addition to normal push notifications, club managers can submit messages through chat.



Individuals or groups

Tifo provides a few preset group chats, and users can also create groups or direct chats with each other.

Direct chats

Each member can create direct chats with other members, either as individuals or small groups.

Dedicated channels

Tifo provides channels for specific subjects such as ongoing games, tickets, and more.



Upload photos

Tifo’s media section allows users to upload photos from their cameras or photo albums to share with other club members.

Photo grouping

Photos are automatically grouped by events or by date if no event exists for a given day.


Club members can “love” other members’ photos.


Future Updates

We are continually listening to supporters club managers and user feedback to add new features or improve current ones.