About Tifo


Tifo is the world's premier iOS and Android mobile app platform designed for supporters club managers and members to help enhance the enjoyment of sports-centered gatherings.

About the Tifo Concept

In sports, the word Tifo (pronounced TEE-foe) refers to a form of choreography displayed by supporters in a stadium, where a large-scale pattern or picture is formed by holding up, or wearing, various materials. Often, supporters clubs plan and work together for weeks to create tifos, sharing their passion and support for their favorite team. Tifos require a lot of coordination, but they form magical backdrops leading into beautiful games played on the pitch or field.

Supporters Clubs Gather

Supporters clubs also share their passion by gathering at pubs before and/or after a game, marching together to/from a stadium or gathering place, displaying team scarves, chanting and singing, and so on. Gathering in masses enhances the enjoyment of the occasion. It builds excitement, comraderie, and creates lasting relationships.

Supporters Clubs in the Community

Clubs not only support their team but their community as well. Many take the time to organize events and charities. They recognize needs and step in to help when and where they can. 

Simplifying the Supporters Club Management Process

All of this requires time and coordination, and we are thankful to those who have the passion to put in the necessary labor of love to manage these clubs. We built Tifo for you! We know you are using a variety of tools, and we hope that one day Tifo is the only tool you need to keep your club organized, dynamic, vibrant, and engaging.

Get in Touch

The Tifo mobile app is in its infancy and needs your nurturing. If you've tried Tifo and had difficulties figuring something out, we want to help. If you've come across a bug (aka defect) that needs to be squashed, that's our specialty. If you have an idea for how Tifo can better serve you, we want to know. Or, if you just want to send us a shout out, we'd love to hear it. Simply put, we are one contact page away and are eager for your feedback.

Thank you for your interest in Tifo.